How unleash your man’s passionate side, simply by hitting SEND


If your relationship is dry, stale and devoid of passion don’t give up hope yet.


You CAN re-spark the fires no matter how bad things seem right now.


This is according to Michael Fiore, author of text the romance back


The secret to doing this is tiny little text messages that you’ll send throughout the day. With these messages he will think about you constantly, beg for your attention and rush home to be with you.


You see, what very few women realize is that most guys actually have a secret romantic inside of them.


They just don’t want to admit to it.


And by using these messages you can finally awaken this side of him.


It’s as simple as pushing send on your phone and waiting for him to reply.


The reason why they work is because men and women are wired differently.


For men romance is a GAME. They are hard wired to hunt and pursue women. But to activate this side of his brain, there are a couple of things which you have to do. You need to tease him, give permission to be a guy and this might sound weird…he needs to feel SAFE.


These messages have been specially designed to arouse this part of him.


They’ve been used over and over again by the women who have bought Michaels books.


And over the last couple of years he’s refined them to the point where they are DEADLY.


In fact, he’s even been on the Rachael Ray show where his texts left the audience gobsmacked. And once you’ve used these texts yourself, you’ll be shocked at the change you can evoke.


These texts are going to have a drastic and dramatic effect on your relationship.


And believe me men LOVE this.


It’s something vanishingly few women do, which means you’ll stick out from the crowd and worm you way deep into his heart and mind.


With these texts you can attract his attention, no matter how busy he is at work, these are texts he just cannot resist answering. They will send a shiver down his spine and put a smile on his face. In fact, Michael refers to them as digital foreplay, and you’ll understand what I mean when you read them.


And if you’ve ever felt that something is missing from your relationship…like the passion is gone (Or never existed in the first place.) then go here now to learn more about text the romance back